UZBKWAY For Advertisers

  • Easy Ad Management
  • Attract bicycling tourists
  • Affordable Rates
  • Discounts and promotion generator

Uzbkway supplies advertising space to rental companies in popular destinations to bring in customers.

Use our app to advertise directly to customers who will be using Uzbkway to find bike rentals, tours and local businesses.

Our users are bike renters, and typical advertisers are vacation rentals and local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and retail. Basically any business trying to market to tourists in popular tourist destinations.

Advertise your service directly to customers using the app. Our users are interested in your services for a better bike and rental experience.

Secure more customers from the users on the app touring, creating and browsing. They will be able to see the ads for your business and a location pin on the map will guide them to your business.