UZBKWAY For Rental Agencies

  • Process and organize bike rentals
  • Intuitive scheduling interface
  • Inventory tracking
  • Discounts and promotion generator

Explore the benefits:
Uzbkway guarantees repeat customers, creates referrals and will increase your number of customers.

Operating a bike rental company is all about making sure riders have a great time and enjoy the ride. Bike shops, bike rentals, vacation rentals and all kinds of bike rental companies can use Uzbkway to bolster their business and bring in happy riders.

Our app is built to facilitate relationships between customers and rental companies with features that include tour creation, mapped rental locations and promotional offers.

As a bike rental shop in a busy area like Los Angeles, it can be hard to put your shop on the map. Customers searching “rent a bike near me” on the UZBKWAY app will be able to easily find your rental location whether you’re located in rural Iowa or packed in New York City.

Use our bike tour app to dominate the market by working directly with the customer. Create tours, mark your location, offer discounts and “wow” them with your service to build a solid customer base.

More features for rental locations include tours which answer a customer's ultimate question, “Where should I go?” 

As a rental shop owner you'll be able to create your own tours for your customers. Make your shop the start and finish on a sunset tour and keep customers coming back for a flawless rental experience.

Create tours like sunset/sunrise tours, premium shopping locations, restaurants, scenic trails and historic sites to operate smoothly.
Scheduling Software:

We offer scheduling software which will benefit the bike rental process. The scheduling software can be used by rental agencies to supplement your bike rental service by adding an intuitive, simple scheduling service.

Our scheduling software is easy to use and includes a check-in and check-out process assuring that bikes and riders are ready and safe.

Rental operators can easily add multiple rental locations to the software. Conveniently process, organize and track bookings.